Annual Report 2016

water use

Pumps in operation in industry, agriculture and municipalities ensure that water reaches the consumers. Households around the world need drinking water every day. If the available water pressure is not sufficient, for example on the top floors of tall buildings, the solution is pressure boosting. KSB pumps make sure that water flows right up to the top of the building, even in skyscrapers.


Energy-efficient pressure boosting for 40-storey building

In addition to commercial units, the Thang Long Number One building complex includes over 1,000 apartments. The new buildings feature a green architectural design and are based on the principle of smart living. The centrepiece of the complex comprises two 40-storey skyscrapers with 200,000 square metres of floor space. They are among the tallest buildings in the Vietnamese capital. Transporting water to this height requires serious pumping power – which KSB pumps routinely deliver. Pump sets with low noise emissions and outstanding efficiencies are in operation here in Hanoi. Thanks to their vertical design, they have a small footprint, leaving more space for comfortable modern living.


Vertically installed Movitec VCF pumps ensure that sufficient drinking water is available even on the top floors of skyscrapers.

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