Annual Report 2016

water treatment

Producing drinking water often requires mechanical and biological treatment. Large volumes of water also need to be transported. Our pumps and valves ensure that water is efficiently pumped to the water treatment plants. Operators attach great importance to a high level of reliability and low maintenance.

são paulo

Water for 1.2 million people

For decades the shortage of water has been an existential problem for the Santos area of Brazil, located on the south coast of the São Paulo state. In order to meet the increased demand for drinking water, the government decided to extend the existing system and use the Branco river as an additional resource. The extension included a dam, pumping stations for raw and drinking water as well as a treatment plant. KSB supplied large volute casing and propeller pumps for the project. Comprising 66 kilometres of water pipes, the improved water supply system now serves 1.2 million people in five cities.

RDLO water transport pump

RDLO pumps ensure safe and reliable water transport worldwide.

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