Annual Report 2016

water transport

In many regions, transporting water from the place of extraction to consumers’ locations entails bridging great distances. Particularly in countries located in the Middle East, this requires long water pipelines with pumping stations installed along the way. KSB valves with diameters of up to four metres are used to shut off sections of piping for inspection and maintenance purposes.


Desert state builds giant water reservoir

In Qatar the world’s largest artificial water reservoir system is currently under construction. It will collect the water produced by two large seawater desalination plants. In the first phase of the project, the utility company responsible is building 24 concrete reservoirs, each as large as nine football pitches, with a total capacity of around 10 million cubic metres. A 650-kilometre-long system of large-diameter pipelines connects the reservoirs. KSB is supplying maintenance-free butterfly valves which will ensure smooth operation for many years.

MAMMOUTH butterfly valve

165 large butterfly valves will control the flow of water in Qatar’s pipelines in future.

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