Annual Report 2016

waste water

Wherever water is used, it always needs to be cleaned afterwards. Only then can it be returned to the natural water cycle without harming the environment. This is one of the main reasons why waste water pumping stations collect the used water and transport it to waste water treatment plants for purification. KSB products perform important tasks in water transport and treatment processes.

St. Petersburg

Europe’s deepest waste water pumping station

Far below the city of St. Petersburg, Russia, Europe’s deepest waste water pumping station is located beneath the ground at a depth of 92 metres. Rainwater and waste water from a twelve-kilometre tunnel system is collected here. The system is designed to prevent the untreated mix of stormwater and sewage from flowing into the Baltic Sea during heavy rain. Large submersible motor pumps from KSB transfer the waste water from a depth of 92 metres into a channel from which it flows by gravity to the waste water treatment plant. Since the commissioning of the pumping station, virtually all waste water from St. Petersburg has been consis­tently and continuously treated. The city now fulfils the environmental standards agreed between the countries bordering on the Baltic Sea.

amarex krt

Submersible motor pumps from the Amarex KRT range handle the disposal of waste water deep below ground.

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